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    Accuracy Tactics Standards


    Where fidelity and pistol craft come together

    Connecticut Pistolworx isn't just another Pistol Permit outlet.


    We strive to provide only the best, most vetted and verified information and application with regards to education and the use of the semi-automatic pistol.


    Our mission and creed is Accuracy, Tactics and Standards.


    "Accuracy" is the bed rock of marksman ship and responsibility.

    We stand behind this concept because we only cultivate the mindset of responsibility, armed professional or responsible citizen.

    Every shot counts and every time the trigger is pressed that bullet gets accounted for. To mitigate accountability we push for strict focus on accuracy.


    "Tactics" is the process of observing orienting deciding and applying the best resolution to the problem at hand. We work towards people approaching firearms problems in an analytical manner not just a one size fits all approach. As Travis Healy promotes the concept be a "problem solver". We do this by helping students understand what works for what situation, but more importantly why it works. We encourage self discovery and we do not shun questions or opposing views as this offers another opportunity to solidify a tactic or an approach.


    "Standards" means that we don't deviate due to personalities or pressure or convenience. Holding standards is the integrity that gives professionals trust from the public and the public (armed citizens) a foundation to make sound decisions based on morals and ethics. If we are running a drill a DQ is a DQ, a pass is earned and a failure is another opportunity to learn from, but it will not count. It is or it isn't.


    At this time we are offering basic pistol permit classes, private club training as well as private individual sessions with our specialty being pistols, but not limited to shotgun, AR15 platform rifle and tactics ranging from low light to active shooter.


    We now conduct Force on Force training using the Simunitions ammo and weapons to provide the end user an undeniably the most realistic and definitive defensive training available.


    We also provide the following services for clubs, churches, businesses as well as government entities:


    Security Assessments including structural and procedural

    Emergency planning

    On-site medical emergency training

    Active Shooter response


    For regular updates, pictures and videos from our classes visit our Facebook page below!









    Public Safety since 2001, Gun owner since 1999.


    My way of looking at it is that training is a journey not a destination.

    As the world turns, incidents and events give us either validation or cause to seek evidence based solutions. We only teach and train in tactics and methods that work not because its the current trend of because "that's how we've always done it".



    Off Duty I have experience with various forms of competitive shootings such as IDPA, steel, action shoots, Excruciathalon (think Tough Mudder meets Rifle/Pistol), tactical and firearms training of minimum 80 hours annually from multiple sources civilian and otherwise.


    To further develop an insight as to what smarter people know I instructor certifications in the various areas in no particular order:


    Semi-Auto Pistol, NRA Basic Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, CQB, Active Shooter Response, Chemical/Impact Munitions, Low Light, Mechanical and Shotgun Breaching, Pistol Deficiency Diagnostics, Vehicles and Use of Force Legalities with all of the above, Stop the Bleed, TECC/TCCC.


    Current certifications with Simunitions and U.T.M. to conduct Force on Force scenario based training.


    For specifics feel free to Inquire for specifics as they are continuously evolving.





    Adjunct Instructors


    Any firearms instructor that will be at our training events has been fully vetted and we pride ourselves on having the most professional and enthusiastic staff. Our adjunct instructors come from a public safety or military backgrounds, including competition shooting of various disciplines and/or .mil or tac units.


    Any instructor that will be present at our training events will carry full certifications to meet and exceed safety standards.
















  • CQB 101

    Q2 2021 -- Harwinton Connecticut

    CQB 101 Preview

    Brief explanation of our CQB class.

    Q2 2021

  • Class sign up and Defensive Spray Store

    Sabre MK3 Spray / Holster
    Sabre MK3 Spray / Holster
    This is the Sabre Red Crossfire MK3 Gel Spray.

    Its ideal size for carry, belt, backpack, car visor. Crossfire system allows deployment even upside down.
    Gel is the least affected by wind and has great accuracy and minimal blowback.

    These come shipped and with a RipOffs clip on holster.
    Coming soon
    Defensive Pistol 1
    Defensive Pistol 1
    Q2 2021
    Harwinton Connecticut.

    This is our live fire pistol class that gives students vetted tactics, techniques and protocols to help them use a pistol in a defensive manner. All information is vetted and the day ends with validation using Simunitions marking rounds.

    Note: Harwinton Rod and Gun members will receive a $25 dollar refund the day of the class.

    See flyer for more info
    Coming soon
    Pistol Permit Class
    Pistol Permit Class
    Inquire for dates.

    Required class to obtain your Connecticut Pistol Permit.
    $125 covers all material and live fire. If you have prescription glasses you are encouraged to bring them.

    Location: Simsbury, Connecticut
    9am thru 4pm.
    Coming soon
    CQB 101
    CQB 101
    Q2 2021
    Location: Harwinton Connecticut.

    We are now limiting the class to 8 students to give students a better instructor to student ratio (2:1) and give students more scenario time per student!

    See picture for information, email or call for any details or more info.

    $185 (Harwinton Rod and Gun members will receive a $25 refund the day of the class).
    All training equipment and ammo provided. Class details will be emailed prior to the class.
    Coming soon

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