Care Under Fire (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) TCCC

Care Under Fire (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) TCCC

This 8 hour class will offer students an opportunity to learn about basic trauma management , Stop the Bleed and
emergency care of wounded. This doesn't just apply to gunshot wounds but any incident that requires immediate
acute medical care.

Material is derived from NAEMT, Tactical Combat Casualty Care Committee, C-TECC, Stop the Bleed as well as best practices
being used by first responders with in the community and tactical units home and abroad.

Once the academics and hands on lessons are finished, students will then have the opportunity to apply them using
scenario based training using Simunitions, which provides Tier 1 training to those willing to learn these life saving skills.

Location: Bristol Connecticut. See flyer for more details.

TCCC TECC First Aid Emergency Preparedness
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